Ambarazul, LLC

 a Delaware Company with main office in the

Dominican Republic


We export all kinds of amber, but especially the blue. Amber is supposed to be amber color, right? Wrong. There is the original color of amber, yellow, orange, honey, cognac or the kind. But there also is cream, cherry, red, green and even blue as the rarest of all. Up to this day many people do not believe in the existence of "BLUE" amber. This we want to change.

Dominican blue amber is blue, but not in the way you might think.​

When natural light strikes Blue Amber on a white surface, the light particles pass right through, and then are refracted off the white surface. Result: the Blue Amber has a slight blue hue. When the same natural light particles strike the Amber on a black surface, the light particles don't refract off the black surface, thus refracting off the actual Amber. Hydrocarbons in the Blue Amber turn the sun's ultraviolet light into blue light particles, resulting in the famous glow of Blue Amber.​

Why has no one heard about BLUE AMBER before? One of the reasons why Dominican Amber and Blue Amber in particular are not as well known as other types of Amber is because the valuable nature of it was never quite apparent to the population in this part of the "New" World. 

​And the most important reason is: There is only very little of it found, which makes it an extremely rare and very exclusive gem material.Although the native (now extinct) Taino Indians gave a gift of Dominican Amber to Columbus, the Dominican Amber trade did not truly pick up until sixty or seventy years ago. That is because in its raw or rough form, at first glance fluorescent Dominican Amber looks like an ordinary rock and did not call much attention. Dominican Amber and mainly BLUE Dominican Amber remained elusive and a collector secret for a long time.

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In spite of statements from some unreliable and unbiased sources of information, Dominican amber is not difficult to cut and polish at all. Handy and experienced craftsmen are able to work miracles with this material. Just observe this hand crafted Chinese dragon with all the intrinsic details. ​

Of course, this is Asian workmanship. We don't produce this kind of carvings. But we can sell you the rough material to accomplish this art work.

​Basically, we sell rough (raw) blue amber. Nevertheless, we also produce some very nice cut and polished amber pieces like cabochons and beads, and sometimes even jewelry. 

Please ask for a quotation and confirmation of availability. ​