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Ambarazul, LLC, was founded in November 2007. For strategic reasons headquarter and main office is located in the Dominican Republic. Ambarazul, LLC is a customer-focused, service-oriented organization.  We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to meeting their highest standards. Our ever-changing technological environment demands the delivery of the highest levels of quality service in a very short timeframe. Our goal is absolute client satisfaction. We are an important source of advice and assistance to our clients.

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Natural blue amber.

We are present when the rare material is found and we buy directly on location to have best prices. We carefully select each item in order to supply the proper quality for you. We also coordinate the manufacture of custom designed beads and jewelry. You can't have a better partner in this business.

Go, fetch! 

​We source offers and suppliers of service the and a wide range of consumer and industrial goods for our clients in the world-wide marketplace. Being active in international business for 40 years, and as members of several business networking communities, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and resources. 

a delaware company with head office in the

Dominican Republic

Ambarazul LLC blue amber export from the Dominican Republic
Ambarazul LLC international trading service

Ambarazul Llc Blue Amber Export From The Dominican Republic

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ambarazul, llc

Blue Amber Export From The

Dominican Republic

We export all kinds of natural Dominican amber to Asia, America, Middle East and Europe. Our specialty is the blue. Yes. BLUE. Amber is supposed to be amber color, right? Wrong. There is the original color of amber, yellow, orange, honey, cognac or the kind. But there also is cream, cherry, red, green and even blue as the rarest of all. Up to this day many people do not believe in the existence of  "BLUE" amber. 



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